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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a wedding gift list?
  • Usually the bride and groom have a look around the shop to view our range of household/interior items. They will be asked to fill out an information sheet regarding contact number, addresses etc for our reference. An experienced member of staff will then guide you around the shop viewing everything from pottery, crystal, electrical, kitchenware, pictures, lamps, mirrors, furniture, bathroom furniture and even hardware items including BBQ’s and outdoor garden furniture ranges. As we walk around we take a list of everything you want, it is then typed and a copy is sent to the Bride’s address the next day. From then on your list is in our hands and we work together to gather and display your list in our designated Wedding Room. After your list has been gathered it will be put online for people to view and purchase over the internet.
  • Do I have to make an appointment?
  • No, it is not compulsory to make an appointment. However, we do appreciate it if an appointment is made so we are able to have an experienced staff member with you from the beginning.
  • Can I add to my wedding list?
  • Yes, you can swap/change/take off things at any stage your wedding list is with us.
  • How do my guests view/see our wedding list?
  • They can either call into the shop situated at 90 Main Street, Maghera or they can purchase online at  In our gift shop we have a dedicated Wedding Room in which we display all our Wedding Lists. We think this is very important as customers like to see what they buy. As every couple has their own section no one else can purchase an item off their wedding list as we keep a detailed list of each item sold.  Buying online couldn’t be simpler!  Your guest can view each gift and make a purchase from our secure website. We will wrap and deliver (if specified) each online purchase. Our online service is great for your overseas guests.
  • Do you deliver?
  • Yes, we deliver free of charge to the bride or groom.
  • Do you gift wrap?
  • Yes, we wrap all the gifts of the lists.
  • How will people know about our wedding list?
  • When placing your wedding list we supply you with small Compliment Cards to put in your invites to make your guests aware of where your list is placed.
  • Is Noones a secure site for online sales?
  • Yes, we use a secure system called Protx, which controls our online sales and information.