FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a product online?

Our website offers both a delivery service and click & collect service. Our click & collect service means you can reserve your item(s) online and pay for it in store or over the phone by quoting your order number. We feel that by offering click & collect it will give the customer a more personal experience at Noones, as we pride ourselves with the customer service we offer.

We will endeavour to dispatch the goods within 3-5 working days of receipt of the order. All goods will be dispatched in suitable packaging and sent using DPD?. All goods will be dispatched to the delivery address on the order. If the goods are not in stock, or if there is any delay then the customer will be notified by e-mail using the e-mail address supplied by the customer on the order.

Wedding Gift Lists

How do I make a wedding gift list?

Once you have booked your wedding list with us, you will arrive in store on the arranged date and time to begin choosing products for your wedding gift list. Usually the wedding couple and/or relatives have a look around the store to view our large range of products. They will be asked to fill out an information sheet prior to starting, asking the couple for personal details for our reference. An experienced member of staff will then guide you around the shop, viewing everything from pottery, crystal, electrical, kitchenware, pictures, lamps, mirrors, furniture, bathroom furniture and even hardware items including BBQ’s, washing machines and outdoor garden furniture ranges. As we walk around we take a list of everything you want, a copy of the Wedding List is then sent to the couple's address the next day. From then on, your list is in our hands, and we work together to gather and display your list in our designated Wedding Room. After your list has been completed it will be put online for people to view and purchase over the internet. 

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, due to the high demand of Wedding Gift Lists, making an appointment is necessary. We can ensure you will receive a first class service and have enough time to browse and complete your wedding list.

Can I add items to my wedding list after it has been completed?

Yes, you can swap, change and remove items at any stage your wedding list is with us. With the exception of special items ordered in which must be bough by yourselves should they remain unsold.

The wedding couple who selected the items for their wedding list are the only people entitled to remove items off their wedding list.

How do my guests view our wedding list?

They can either visit our shop situated at 90 Main Street, Maghera or they can purchase online at www.noonesofmaghera.co.uk.  In our gift shop we have a dedicated Wedding Room in which we display all our Wedding Gift Lists. This gives your guests a chance to see your wedding list in full and then purchase. Also every couple has their own section within the Wedding Room, therefore no one else can purchase an item off their wedding list as we keep a detailed list of each item sold. 

Buying online couldn’t be simpler!  Your guest can view each gift and make a purchase from our secure website. We will wrap and deliver (if specified) each online purchase. Our online service is great for your overseas guests.

Do you deliver Wedding Gifts?

Yes! Arrangements are made with the couple as to where and when the wedding gift lists are to be delivered.

Do you gift wrap?

Yes, we gift wrap all the gifts on each wedding list.

How will people know about your wedding list?

When placing your wedding list we supply you with Complimentary Cards to put in with your invites to make your guests aware of where your list is placed.

Is 'www.noonesofmaghera.co.uk' a secure site for online sales?

Yes, when paying for a wedding gift the customer will be able to use either PayPal or SagePay for making purchases.